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Lori Reynolds
Lori Reynolds
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Sonoita Vineyards


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Dr. Gordon Dutt, founder of Sonoita Vineyards, is a retired soil scientist from the University of Arizona.  As part of a research project back in 1973, he established an experimental vineyard on the red, acidic clay of the Babacomari Ranch in Southern Arizona.  The success of that vineyard and the quality of the wines from those grapes led to the planting of a commercial vineyard in 1979, the first in the Sonoita-Elgin area.  Sonoita Vineyards Winery opened in 1983 with a first-vintage production of 300 gallons.

Today Winemaker Lori Reynolds, Dr. Dutt’s Granddaughter, and Vineyard Manager Robi Reynolds, are producing nearly 4000 cases per year from 12 different grape varieties including Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese, Malbec, Mission and Cabernet Sauvignon.  Over 90% of this production is sold through a beautiful and spacious tasting room, gift shop and special events facility with picturesque views of hillside vineyards, rolling grasslands and scenic mountain ranges. 

The Vineyard

Sonoita Vineyards is a 25 acre vineyard situated on the south side of a hillside, surrounded by rolling grasslands and several mountain ranges.  This hillside planting protects the vines from harsh winds and frost.  The grape varitials grown at Sonoita Vineyards are Chardonnay, Mission, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  In 2013 we plan on adding Malbec to the lineup.

At Sonoita vineyards, we define sustainability broadly, seeking not only to be responsible stewards of the land, but also to preserve this land for future generations of our family.  There is nothing static about this view of sustainability—it requires innovation and action.  We believe that preserving the unique ecosystem of Sonoita is essential to wine quality, as well as to the health of our family and business.  In 1976,  Dr. Gordon Dutt developed a system of water harvesting utilizing the hillside and building berms that would both reduce the affects of erosion and reduce the overall amount of water needed to irrigate.  It has been the policy, since our inception, to recycle all bottles and cardboard at the local recycling center.  We also compost all wine making byproducts by returning the grape skins, stems, and seeds to the vineyard for use as a fertilizer, which in turn reduces waste.

Lori Reynolds


Growing up with wine in my blood I love and appreciate the subtleties that wine has to offer.  I have been taught from a young age that wine is food, so all the wines we produce at Sonoita Vineyards are very food friendly.

—  Lori Reynolds

Lori Reynolds

Award Winning Wines

2013 Silver, Sparkles Peach Indy International Wine Competition

2013 Silver, Sparkles Peach Indy International Women’s Wine Competition

Bronze, Cochise County Colombard, Indy International Wine Competition

Gold, Sonora Rossa, Arizona Wine Growers Cup, Top Rose

Silver, 2011 Syrah AZ, International Wine Channel TV

Bronze, 2011 Syrah AZ, Grand Harvest Awards

Bronze, 2011 Syrah AZ,
Arizona Wine Growers Cup

Bronze, 2011 Syrah AZ, International Women’s
Wine  Competition

Bronze, Sonoita Vineyards, Arizona Mission 2013 Grand Harvest Awards

Gold, 1994 Sonoita Merlot, American Wine Society

Gold 1989 Sonoita  Pinot Noir, National Orange Show

1986 Cabernet served at President Bush’s Inaugural Dinner


Sonoita Vineyards’ three annual festivals feature wine tasting and souvenir glass, winery tours, vineyard tours, wine and specialty food pairings, and food prepared by local restaurants.  Our 36th Annual Blessing of Sonoita Vineyards takes place April 26th and will celebrate 36 years of growing and producing with the blessing of the vineyard at noon. Our HARVESTFEST takes place August 2nd and 3rd celebrating this year’s harvest with grape stomping competitions starting at 1pm.  Our St. Martin’s New Release Festival takes place Saturday, November 1 and celebrates the St. Martin’s Feast Day, honoring the “Patron Saint of Vintners and Winegrowers.”



Sonoita Vineyards Sonoita Vineyards Sonoita Vineyards
Sonoita Vineyards Sonoita Vineyards Sonoita Vineyards