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Black Morels are back at the Stockyards Restaurant in Phoenix


Black Morels are in season and

back on the menu at The Stockyards


Phoenix, Az.- (June  2013)— Wanted to give you all a heads up that we are currently bringing in some beautiful Fresh Wild Black Morel mushrooms, (Morchella elata), and are verbalizing their availability to all of our guests at The Stockyards. They are the first of the season and very high quality.


We are serving 2.5 oz and 5oz side portions for $10 and $20 respectively.  The smaller portion is 5-8 mushrooms depending on the size, and the 5oz portion is double that.  We use a very light touch, and are just sautéing them quickly in a little whole butter, a small amount of garlic and salt and pepper.  We prefer this simple preparation so the incredible smoky, earthy, woodsy flavors of these little gems can come through.  They have been VERY well received and we are selling several orders a night to the delight of our dining guests.  As you can imagine they are the perfect complement to all of our Steaks and Prime rib, as well as our Buffalo Meatloaf, or even the Chicken or Seafood entrees.


One of my passions is foraging for wild mushrooms throughout the year in different locations around the country.  I hunt for Morels in the spring in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and some years Arizona!!  I hunt for porcinis, oyster mushrooms, lobster mushrooms and chanterelles in late summer in the Rocky Mountain region including Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.  Great fun, and terrific eats!!  Mushrooms will always be well represented at The Stockyards due to this passion of mine and their ability to elevate any Steak or Entrée.


We will continue to offer interesting and when possible indigenous side dishes throughout the year to complement our Classic Arizona Steakhouse cuisine.


Thought you’d like to know.




Gary Lasko